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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch

Another cloth bum review today. I was recently advised to try these out by the most experienced cloth mumma I know, who said they were her all time favourite nappy. When they dropped to half price in Tesco, I had to give in and get a few to try!

Tots Bots Bamboozles

A bamboo fitted nappy, in velcro fastening, with a snap in booster, which comes in three sizes:
Size 1: 6-18bs
Size 2: 9-35lbs 
Size 3: 35lbs+

It's probably true to say that fitted nappies are amongst the most bulky. But I find the Bamboozle Stretch is a very slim fitted nappy. I use size 2, which are almost BTP, and find it so easy to get a great fit thanks to the rise poppers and velcro waist. They fit nice and snugly, and have a wide crotch which is my personal preference. 


Second to none. Isabelle is a power wee-er, and these contain her pee no problem. They are unbelievably absorbent, and the only nappy I don't have to additionally boost. With the booster provided, I can easily get 3 hours, which is unheard of in our household. Most often, the whole nappy isn't even wet when I take it off! 
Solids containment is great as well, as the elastic is nice and strong, although nice and soft too.
That said, as with any fitted, containment is really only as great as your wrap and your wrap 'putting on' skills!

Ease of use:
Everyone in my family can use these - so they are very simple to use! The only issue they may cause to people is that they have to have a wrap over the top to make them waterproof, and if you don't fit that well, the nappy will leak out the side. But we have never had any issues. Simply layer a liner inside, and off we go!

Quality and Appearance:
Quality is absolutely superb, by far the best Tots Bots nappy, in my opinion.
One thing which makes these nappies stand out from the crowd is that they come in colours - which most fitted nappies don't. I used to think it was pointless since you cover it with your wrap, but since getting my own, I love it! It's so nice to not have to have boring white coloured fitted - the colours just add a bit more fun. They also come in 3 great stripy patterns, and I think they look wonderful. They do come in 'natural' colour too, for those traditionalists.

Pretty comparable with the closest competitor, but slightly more than many other fitted nappies. Size 1 nappies start at £10.99, and size 2 start at £11.99. Since you also need to buy a wrap, this raises the cost of using the system.

Bug bears:
The bamboo is amazingly absorbent...which means it's another slow drier. They take up to 3 days inside in winter. I am also not the biggest fan of how the blue nappy managed to dye some of my organic cotton in it's first wash, despite a colour catcher being used!

It's a 4.5/5 from me for these nappies. These are a new staple in my household, and I just wish I had bought a load when we first started, as I adore them. They are so absorbent, and look great in their lovely colours. Soft and generally lovely! The only slight issue is the drying time but we can't have it all, can we?

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