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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

First spring lunch outside!

Isabelle loves being outside, so much more so than being inside. It's great to get her out to the park or for a walk during winter when it's dry, but it's SO much better to be able to allow her to plough around the garden all day long! Sadly, our garden had a tendency to become a winter mud pit, made worse by the dogs, so it's not ideal for playing outside during winter. She does play outside a lot in winter....just elsewhere.

Finally, this week, the time has come when we are able to get back out into the garden. It's no longer a mud pit and we can finally get back out to play!

When we can, we always have lunch outside. We don't bother getting the table and chairs out, usually when we are in the garden we just pop down on the back step which is exactly what we did on Monday. She was so excited to get to sit outside again, so I can't wait to do it every day.  We then played outside for much of the afternoon, and that will be even more exciting after her birthday and once we get all her outdoor toys back out to play.

For lunch we just had a ham and cheese wrap each. We are so lucky that she is a great little eater and will wolf down pretty much anything. You can see in the pictures below the cups I bought from Center Parcs recently - they are my new favourites. Isabelle loves them too and since they are made of melamine we don't need to worry about her dropping them. She loves when we all have one so she can tell us who's cup is which colour.

I just snapped a few pictures and while the first isn't overly great, I was struck as I often am by just how much she looks like me! And in the second, she looks relatively like a baboon!

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