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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Isabelle is (almost) 2

How can it be that it is two years since I was sitting at home on maternity leave, watching One Born Every Minute while bouncing on a birthing ball, waiting. And waiting. And then waiting some more! I can't believe that Isabelle is going to be 2 in just a few weeks - where has the time gone?

Every mother I'm sure will agree that you simply do not notice your children growing. I haven't woken up one morning and looked at Iz and thought "Whoa! You grew!" She changed so subtly that it's imperceptible to my naked eye. It's only when I look back at pictures of her that I really see how much she has changed, in the last year especially. I now look back and laugh that we used to think her hair was so long - it looks so short compared to what she has now!

We don't have any big plans for her birthday at all - no party planned this year (I'm still pleased with how well I pulled off her first birthday party!) for a few reasons. We don't plan on big parties every year for starters, as we don't think they are really necessary. We will have years of parties when she is at school, no doubt, and be wishing for a nice quiet family day. Secondly, and most importantly, we are having our kitchen redone the week after her birthday so we will have no kitchen to speak of! 

We may have a little lunch on the Saturday (her birthday is Friday) for my sister and brother, sister in law and nephews to come and see her, but that's it.

I haven't decided what we will do on the day itself. I would love to take her to the farm as she loves it. However, it's the last day of the school holidays so I think it will be packed and I don't want to have to fight our way through. I haven't thought of anything else though, so I should get my thinking cap on!

I keep wavering on her presents - I bought a big farm for her months ago but I don't think she would quite appreciate it yet, so not 100% sure on that! Her little gifts have been ordered, so I just have her BIG gift to buy - although that's actually coming from all our family. I would like to make her some new playdough and moon sand as well, as she loves playing with both of those above most of her other toys.

So there isn't much to plan, all we really plan to do is have a lovely family day with the best girl in the whole world.

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