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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mummy & Me #1 // March

Reading through my usual list of blogs I saw a few of them had linked up to the brand new linky "Mummy & Me", and think that it is a great idea which is definitely worth taking part in! So here is our very first mummy & me picture:

Like all other mummies, I spend my days snapping pictures of Isabelle. When we are out as a family I try and take pictures of her and Simon..........but very rarely get a picture of Isabelle and me. It's actually something I hate, and I have dropped a million hints to Simon to take more (especially since HE is supposed to be the photographer in the family!), yet in the last year there are probably fewer than 10 pictures of Isabelle and me together which is a little bit heart breaking. All the fabulous times we have together will only be remembered with pictures of Isabelle on her own.

I am not a massive fan of taking selfies, so I rarely take any pictures of us myself, although maybe I should change that since nobody else seems willing to do it for me!

The picture above isn't exactly photography at it's finest, is it?! It was just one of a long string of photos in an attempt to capture us both looking, smiling (that's Isabelle's "Palsy" smile, taught to her by her father and uncle when I had Bell's Palsy last year!) and not too fuzzy! Here are a few which didn't make the number one spot...

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

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