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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My current to do list

Does anyone else just have a constant 'to do' list, which never seems to get any shorter? And does anyone else procrastinate like I do?

Here is my current to do list:

+ Clear out kitchen cupboards ready for removal
+ Sort dry nappy load
+ Sort out Isabelle's toys ready for the influx from her birthday
+ Order her big present
+ Buy my mum a birthday card 
+ Finish book
+ Put craft bits into new storage boxes
+ Clean fridge
+ Take newborn nappies to a friend
+ Make orthodontist, regular dentist, contact lens and hairdresser appointments (more chance of pigs flying than me doing them all!)
+ Mark coursework x 2 subjects
+ Mark other work
+ Plan next lessons
+ Complete PRSD

Just a couple of things then...........

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