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Monday, 9 March 2015

Our friend filled two days

I am so incredibly lucky to have a wonderful group of friends with kids the same age as Isabelle, all of whom I met through our local breastfeeding group. I started going when Isabelle was 6 weeks old and still go now and, although we have seen plenty of people come and go, there are a group of us who have remained there the whole time. Even better than that, we love to get out and about with the little people to different places, letting them play together and exhaust themselves, which is exactly what we have been doing over the last two days.

On Sunday, Belfast Children's Festival was held which was basically a big fun day for families. Part of it was a 'baby rave' - a little disco for little people. We all headed along to that (even roping some daddies in) to mixed results - some loved it, some weren't so keen.

Today, Monday, is our usual breastfeeding group day. We had arranged to go to the park first however the horrific weather quickly put a stop to that. When we decided that the kids still needed to be 'exercised', we decided to forgo the breastfeeding group and take our tribe of toddlers to the gymnastics centre instead. It was shut, annoyingly, so instead we relocated to soft play where they ran themselves ragged, making for 6 very tired little people afterwards.

Isabelle loves her friends. She was particularly in love with them today - she was all hugs and kisses to them. She is like that with her cousins daily, but is usually a tad more reserved with her friends. Today, I had to ask her to GET OFF one of the other girls as her enthusiastic hugging wasn't being received in equally enthusiastic measures! When we are at home, she asks where her friends are, and when I say "We're going to see your friends" she starts to list their names and clap her hands. It is so sweet to see how much she enjoys their company. Toddlers tend to be pretty lone rangers - I find they usually play near one another, but quite often not actually with one another. Today, however, the total opposite was true. They all loved having the company and having other tinies to play with.

I didn't take any pictures during either of these things unfortunately! I did, however, take a whack of pictures of Isabelle this afternoon. I was trying to get a good one to send to her great-granny, however Isabelle was far more interested in writing her shopping list and playing waitress. She kept coming up and asking what I wanted for lunch, then diligently 'writing it down' before heading to her kitchen to make it. She was just so BUSY! She is wonderfully insane and totally hilarious.

Oh crayon - you are HILARIOUS

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