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Monday, 16 March 2015

Our Mother's Day Picnic

Yesterday was, of course, Mother's Day in the UK. I'm not a huge fan of Mother's Day - largely because it always falls right beside my own mum's birthday (this Thursday) so it's always a hassle of thinking up gifts! And while I think it's nice to have a day to appreciate mums, and I do like to tell my own that I appreciate her, it turns out I'm not actually that fussed on having the same myself.

I don't need, or expect, huge gifts or expressions of gratitude. I did get two lovely little gifts which came with great thought behind them, but honestly hearing Isabelle say "Happy Smothers Day!" was really all I needed. (Even though she then said it to Simon and Humpty Dumpty....!)

I do, however, like it to be a special day to do something as a family. Simon had organised a picnic and a walk at a local forest park which was fabulous. It was nothing fancy - just ham and cheese sandwiches, some soup and some crisps - but without a single question it is my favourite EVER activity that we have done together. Sitting together and having lunch in the great outdoors was wonderful and hopefully something we will do lots more of in the future. (It's also a tick off my spring bucket list!)

We then fed the swans and had a quick walk before heading off to my mum and dad's for dinner.

Before Mother's Day, Isabelle and I made some cards for her grannies and great-grannies, which I also sent off with some pictures to her great-granny. I know that all 4 grannies appreciate a hand made card, even when it looks like it was made by an (almost!) 2 year old! We had fun making them, and I know they are well loved by all.

What a perfect Mother's Day! Even if my camera died after the picnic...

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